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City of Soledad

Client Details
Project Cost:
Annual Savings:
Payback Period:
6.9 years
Financing Arrangements:
Tax Exempt, Lease Purchase

Based on qualifications and the requirements of California Government Code Section 4217, the Soledad City Council authorized a contract with Aircon Energy to act as the City’s Energy Services Company for the purpose of conducting an Investment Grade Audit and subsequent installation of a retrofit to the Cities water system. The Soledad water system serves all the commercial and residential water needs for the city’s 24,000 residents.  The Audit analyzed the energy usage of the City’s entire system and proposed specific viable Energy Efficiency Measures to reduce energy usage and operating costs. More specifically as the City’s partner, Aircon Energy’s role was to define, design, and implement retrofit measures, with the end goal being significant infrastructure improvements that could be paid for out of savings.

The scope of the project includes; electronic water meters with remote read capabilities throughout the city, high efficiency pump motors with variable frequency drives at various well stations and valve system replacements at various well stations, lighting system retrofits and utility rate restructuring.
Funding was obtained for this project through a lease purchase agreement that will be paid using the savings generated by the work performed as part of the agreement. The final Aircon Energy proposal document included detailed information of the costs and benefits associated with the recommended project over the first twenty five years.
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